Welcome to my site. I am a technology professional living in Hampshire, who runs Owl Arc Limited.

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My technical areas of interest are in software development and deployment, with an avid interest in computer science, mathematics and statistics. Focusing upon building scalable, robust systems, which can be easily supported within the organisation. Delivering supportable, maintainable systems starts with understanding what existing processes are used by infrastructure and Dev-Ops, by building systems which work for them. Then running costs are significantly reduced and the system uptime vastly increased as it is better supported.

Most of my career has been working as a developer and hands on solution architect. I bring extensive understanding of infrastructure and different computing paradigms (functional, relational, distributed/big-data, OO, cloud etc). This broad understanding enables communication with all, and places me in a rewarding position of being able to assist others in expanding their understanding. With an MSc in Computer Science it helps me appreciate the underlying theory of new technologies and languages, allowing other skills to be rapidly acquired. On my undergrad I majored in Chemistry, this taught a solid understanding of error and the scientific process which aids system design, data operations and work with researchers.

The types of projects which I have made significant contributions requiring high performance systems are:

  • Global vessel tracking system (OceanMind)
  • Tax forecasting systems (Barclays)
  • Contactless payment system (Transport for London)
  • Insurance brokering systems (AA)
  • Product forecasting and fraud detection (Marks and Spencer)